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The Code, little game for C64. 80's Coin-Op style version of a classic home computer game called Guess the Number. 

It is a number guessing game. Your job is to save the world from destruction. To save the world you have to crack the code that is set by the computer. You will first start with a number between 1 and 10. As each level progresses, the range of the numbers will get even higher, which will pit your wits even more. Can you beat the machine?

During the intro, press space bar to skip story  and instrutions.

Press  SPACE BAR (AND WAIT A FEW SECONDS) to insert coin, F1 start. 

                                               (C) 2020   TND - The New Dimension 

Install instructions

VICE Emulator:
Load"*",8,1 (Version 1.2)

THEC64 :
Donwload and save on your USB memory stick" The Code - THEC64 Edition.d64 " then load & run.

 Best performance with THEC64 Edition.d64

Version 1.2 
Alternative link:

Richard Bayliss's TND - The New Dimension.

The C-64 Scene Database.


The Code (c) TND 2020 V1.2 music by Richard Bayliss. 170 kB
Intro Music (c) TND 2020 .d64 170 kB
The Code - THEC64 Edition For THEC64 Users. 170 kB


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Version 1.2. Minor bug-fix, added a new bonus points.

Added version 1.1 bug fix



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per ora solo questo, non ho altro.  E' solo un giochino semplice, allo stato iniziale.  Sono 30 anni che non provo a scrivere qualcosa per c64. 

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Ciao, metti più snapshot che sono curioso.